Privacy Policy

We are open to share our policy. Please read carefully

The privacy policy involves the way in which the Marketers gathers, utilizes and discloses the information from the website xyz. This policy is applicable on all the products the website is offering.

Personal identification information
The personal information from the users is collected when he visits the website. This is like when he places an order, subscribes to newsletter, fills any contact form or reaches any resources that we make available in our website. The information asked for is name, email address etc. However the option to visit website anonymously is also available. It is upto the users if he wants to fill the information or not. You are always open to refuse to disclose your information.

Non personal identification information
The other way we adopt is that we ask for non personal identification information. This information includes name of browser you are using, computer type and the connection of internet you are using.

After order is placed
It is vital that users should be careful when they order from anywhere else apart from website, and the order is in progression this can nullify the order and result in contradictory problems with our service. So it is utmost necessary to avoid it. An order can be cancelled without giving prior notice if user buys when we are already working on the order.

Browser cookies
To give you a better experience while browsing our website we have got cookies. Cookies are placed on their hard drive so as to keep a record and track any necessary information. It depends upon users if they accept cookies or deny it. While this is done some portions of our website will not work properly.

How information is used
We use information that we collect in the following way
1) We use it while payments are being processed
2) We use it when providing the service to any order placed.
3) We check information when we send periodic occasional emails
4) Apart from this we also user the information of user when we have to send any update to user regarding the order they have placed

Your acceptance
We have the rights to change our privacy policies at any time. However when this is done an email will be send to you regarding the changes that are being made. Our users should keep checking this page from time to time to know if any changes have been made. This is your duty to check any modifications being made and by default you agree to this clause.

Contact us
You can reach to us at any time with your queries here