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1000 Plays
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  • Real & Authentic Plays
  • Turnaround Time: 1-2 Days
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    2000 Plays
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    • Real & Authentic Plays
    • Turnaround Time: 1-2 Days
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    5000 Plays
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    • Real & Authentic Plays
    • Turnaround Time: 2-3 Days
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    10,000 Plays
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    • Real & Authentic Plays
    • Turnaround Time: 3-5 Days
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    The Delivery Time Estimated Start Time: 1-12 Hours
    Drip Feed: Option available if you want a specific number of plays Daily. (It helps to make look natural)
    Delivery Guaranteed: 500 - 1,500/Day speed!
    Best Service in the Market when it comes to buying Spotify music plays
    Plays from TIER 1 countries only! USA/CA/EU/AU/NZ/UK.
    Quality: HQ
    The Min/Max order we can take: 1,000/1,000,000
    Details: Royalties Eligible!
    Plays come from the search bar which increases the chances of your track getting found on Spotify!

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    What is Spotify, and How Stream Plays Works?

    A digital music streaming service, Spotify offers access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists all over the world. Initially launched in October 2008, this Sweden-based music streaming platform instantly strikes a chord with users since you can enjoy free access by merely signing up with an email id or by connecting via Facebook. It is a perfect platform for artists as well because Spotify pays them for streams or plays.

    The amount of stream done by a user can be different as per geo and another factor, but artists can make the right amount with the help of tracks. More Spotify plays volume; you received more money you can make. Now anyone can buy Spotify plays from us and make your artist profile look more popular within your audience.

    How Does Spotify Work?

    1. Visit the website and sign-up, preferably with Facebook since that way; you will find it easier to find and follow friends, check what they are listening to, and also share songs with them.
    2. Take your pick of a subscription level, depending on your preference. Note that going for Spotify Premium will unleash many more features, besides promising more flexibility and connectivity with a broader range of devices.
    3. After that, the Spotify application needs to be downloaded and installed. There are different versions for desktop and iPhone/iPad and Android phones.
    4. Sign in to your account on any of your preferred devices and discover a whole new world of music!
    5. If you are a singer or artist and want to make, your tracks music reaches more users. Spotify can help your tracks to become famous, like all other platforms, it has a good number of daily users looking for new attractive music. So make sure you keep uploading all of your audio tracks to this platform.
    6. For the artist, Spotify can be profitable if you have a large number of followers and getting songs play to your Spotify music. Each time you receive music plays, you will get some amount. For example, YouTube pays its creator for views and in this platform, Spotify pays for each play you receive to your music. Now you can increase Spotify followers by buying them from here as well and make yourself popular within less time.

    Benefits of Spotify:

    • On-Demand, Unlimited Music:
      Much to our delight, Spotify is doing away with certain restrictions on its ad-supported free tier in India. You can pick any song you want, on-demand, and skip as many songs as you please, without any limit.
    • Daily Mixes:
      If you do not want to invest too much time and effort to create your playlists, Spotify has a solution for you also! It offers near-endless playlists called Daily Mixes that are whipped up as you keep listening to your favorite music. These are tailored according to your tastes, with a combination of your best-loved tracks and artists, along with its recommendations. You can also like or dislike songs in these Daily Mixes to further improve the recommendations.
    • Collaborative Playlists:
      This feature allows you to invite friends to add songs to playlists that you have created. Do we need to mention that it is a fantastic way to prepare for the next party?
    • Behind the lyrics:
      As a Spotify user, you can access a bunch of trivia while the song is going on. This facility is provided due to Spotify’s partnership with Genius. However, currently, this feature is available only with English language songs.
    • Play History:
      You can avail of this feature only if you use Spotify from your desktop. By clicking on the queue icon, followed by navigating to ‘History’ on the central console, you can see what you have played in the past.
    • Concert Info:
      As a music lover, you would surely love to be informed about the date, venue, and other relevant details of concerts in your city, right? Well, Spotify takes care of that too!

    However, note that this feature is available to all users on desktop, but on mobile, it is limited to only Spotify Premium users.

    What is Spotify Plays Promotion?

    In the recent past, the music streaming industry has witnessed a rapid spurt of growth and is continuously growing even further. Being one of the biggest music streaming platforms, you can make the most of it grow your fan base, discover new and relevant artists, as well as promote your music.

    Getting a promotion service for Spotify plays is, in fact, integral to a highly successful marketing strategy. Since Spotify boasts of more than 75 million paying subscribers, Spotify track plays can play a crucial role in boosting your account in an instant.

    If you can manage to increase Spotify music listeners, you can ensure several advantages, including audience expansion, increase in fan base, more substantial social credibility, rise in popularity, establishing a competitive base, etc.

    Why Do You Need to Buy Spotify Plays?

    1. Spotify Plays are a very effective way of making your music stand apart, amongst a host of other artists. By buying Spotify Plays, you can may your track stay at the top for as long as possible, with more and more users exploring your music. This gives you a unique opportunity to promote your talent in a cost-effective yet efficient manner.
    2. Buy buying these services; you can provide more visibility to your music, and thus, stay ahead in the game. Also, this is highly beneficial since even high-quality and original tracks stand the risk of being lost amidst a large number of users.
    3. Your plays will be evenly distributed throughout the day, to ensure steady growth, besides increasing your visibility and popularity.
    4. It makes your music track to look famous and popular. Besides, it also ensures that you will get better search ranking within the Spotify search.
    5. With Spotify promotion, you can make your music reach a broad audience by gaining more listeners.
    6. Since the promotional part will be taken care of by the sites that offer this service, you can focus on your creativity and produce even better-quality music at a professional level, without any worries about how to promote it.
    7. More and more people will get to find your track since visibility on this platform is directly proportional to the number of Spotify plays.
    8. Various companies offer paid services for increasing your Spotify plays so that you can reach the desired results within the minimum time-frame. You can also buy Spotify streams, which ensure maximum audience reach and immediate attention.

    Thus, at very pocket-friendly prices, you can buy music plays for the Spotify platform reach out to a large section of listeners, and therefore, be in the limelight sooner than you can imagine! Furthermore, most of these teams give your songs real plays/streams from real accounts, so as not to compromise with the safety factor. So you do not need to be worried about getting banned!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to buy 1000 premium plays for my Spotify music?

    • It is very simple you can first choose a premium plays package from our website that you want to buy and simply insert your Spotify track URL into the box. After that you can make payment using our trusted payment system within few hours team will contact you regarding your order details.

    Is it safe, if I buy plays on your website?

    • Yes, it is completely safe to buy from us because we use one of the best methods to deliver our service. We also provide a natural promotion to your whole Spotify profile and help you grow.

    Can I get plays from USA users?

    • Yes, of course, we have a custom country option. If you want to buy USA user plays for the trapradeep89ck you just have to talk with our team before making payment.

    Is it possible to purchase monthly listeners from my playlist?

    • If you have very less number of the monthly listener to your playlist, in that case, this service going to help. Simply just talk with our live chat support team they will guide you. We also offer custom playlist plays deals as well.

    What package should I choose for my music?

    • Selection of package depending on your needs, it is all up to you if you want to increase your Spotify track popularity within a short time you can buy as much as you want. But I would suggest buying with drip feed feature, our team will make them grow slow so that it will look all-natural.

    Do you also provide Promotion service for Spotify profile?

    • Yes, we do provide Spotify profile promotion service for our clients, In this service, we take care of your profile and make sure you reach a higher audience with your new tracks.