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Note: Dear user, please mail us at info@sharefans.com or chat with us on live chat support 10 minutes before you go LIVE.

Instructions: How to order this service?

  1. First, Talk to us on our live chat support to check the availability of Viewers.
  2. Choose package as per your need.
  3. Buy the selected package and Make Payment Using your Credit Card, Debit Card via Paypal.
  4. After Payment, Confirm order through LIVE Chat.

  • 100 FB Live Stream Views
100 FB Live Stream Views
  • Delivered Instantly
Select Watch Time:
  • 200 FB Live Stream Views
200 FB Live Stream Views
  • Delivered Instantly
Select Watch Time:
  • 300 FB Live Stream Views
300 FB Live Stream Views
  • Delivered Instantly
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  • 400 FB Live Stream Views
400 FB Live Stream Views
  • Delivered Instantly
Select Watch Time:
  • 500 FB Live Stream Views
500 FB Live Stream Views
  • Delivered Instantly
Select Watch Time:
  • 1000 FB Live Stream Views
1000 FB Live Stream Views
  • Delivered Instantly
Select Watch Time:
  • 2000 FB Live Stream Views
2000 FB Live Stream Views
  • Delivered Instantly
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  • 3000 FB Live Stream Views
3000 FB Live Stream Views
  • Delivered Instantly
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Who Can Buy Facebook Live Viewers and How?

The Facebook live stream feature is getting popular day by day, and now every other streamer wants to become famous. Here come our services where we help you increase your Facebook and provide live viewers for all kinds of social media live streams. We have a package range between 100 live viewers to 15000 as per your requirement. We are ready to make the custom package as per your need within your budget as well, you just have to tell us your requirements and we are ready to help. Here are some more details about who can use these services.

Facebook Gaming Page:

If you have a gaming Facebook page and you like to stream on a daily basis buying live viewers will really help you to make your current viewers number grow and make sure you choose a long duration as per your streaming duration so that all viewers from our service stay till last.

Facebook Event:

If you are planning for a Facebook live event or premiere in that case, you should promote your event within your page and many other groups etc. after that you can choose a higher number of viewers package from our service so that you can attract a large crowd and show yourself more popular as well.

Product Selling Shop:

After covid and lockdown in most cities, people now love to shop from online websites. There are many local shop owners now using Facebook pages to sell their products. Many product selling pages go live daily, and people love to shop from them. Getting more viewership will help you to shine within your fan following.

Any FB Streamer:

The above example page can use these services and benefit even if you are doing regular live it can help you make more fan following with increasing live viewers on your stream.

The Process of Buying FB Live Views:

Before you pay for our service, you should collect the information we need. The URL of your Facebook page or profile you want to use for the live stream. The time you plan to go live on can be anything you want. Some of you might be interested in instant delivery, so do not worry. Just talk to our live chat support and provide the URL of your stream. We will start our work instantly as well.

buy facebook live stream views

Advantages of Getting FB Live Views

  1. Benefits of Promotion:
  2. People usually don't realize that they will get more exposure if they promote their brand or products using FB live streams or any other platforms. The more you can advertise your Product in front of a more extensive audience base, and you will have better sales.

    With the help of buying live viewers, you will be able to reach more people instantly. Apart from that, real viewers will see that you have many viewers. Hence, they will be able to trust the brand that you are showcasing. The more viewers, the better advertising you will have.

  3. Easy to Promote Product:
  4. If you have a lesser number of friends or fan followers, the chances are that you will have around 50 to 100 viewers. However, if you consider purchasing viewers, you will have a better viewership. Eventually, you will have the option to promote your Product easily in front of your primary and interested viewers.

  5. Become Popular Instantly:
  6. Well! It is unrealistic for any person to gain success overnight or within a short period. However, if you buy viewers for your live stream, you will be able to look popular in front of your primary audiences and friends. As a result, this will boost your viewer's engagement, and soon you will become famous.

FAQs for Buying Facebook live views

How Do I Promote A Live stream?
  • There are many natural and paid live stream promotion methods, if you have tight budget or want to promote naturally contact pages that having large number of likes and you can talk to them and ask them to share your stream URL on their pages, you can do same thing with your friends etc and tell them to keep on sharing. And If you have a budget you can pay for viewership as well.
Is Facebook Live Good for marketing?
  • When it comes to marketing I would say that not only facebook but other social media live streaming platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are beneficial and it actually helps businesses to grow and gain popularity in order to increase sales or generate leads.
Who Can Watch my Facebook Live Video?
  • If you have considered in buying live viewers, If your stream is publicly available we will share URL of your stream with other facebook users so that they can watch it.
How long viewers going to watch my video?
  • You can select time duration you want the user to stay on your video. We will make sure all viewers you order from us keep watch till that duration. For example, if you select our 60 minute package all user going to stay up for that time frame.
How buying Fb Streaming views process works?
  • It is really simple just select package that you want, put your profile or fanpage URL after that select time that you want to go live & make payment. If still want to confirm you can talk with our customer support via live chat option.
How much time does your service take to get started?
  • This services work instantly but sometimes it takes 5 minutes to 10 minutes to get started. Make sure you do wait before ending stream. We are always here to help our clients if nothing work.