Increase SoundCloud Popularity
posted by: admin | march 17, 2020

How To Boost SoundCloud Plays To Increase Your Popularity?

increase popularity on soundcloud

SoundCloud is a reliable and genuine music platform for musicians to showcase their musical talents all around the world. If you are a talented singer, then you can upload your music and get more exposure as a musician. Many artists upload their music on SoundCloud and have a good fan following who enjoys listening to their music and also following them on SoundCloud.

To increase your popularity on SoundCloud, you need to be accessible to people on SoundCloud through your profile. You can also boost SoundCloud plays to increase your popularity. Do you want to know how you can boost your SoundCloud plays to enhance your popularity? If yes is your answer, then here are some of the helpful ways you can follow to boost SoundCloud plays right now.

Networking With Other Artists

It would be best if you focused on proper networking with other SoundCloud artists who can help you in increasing your popularity. There will be many artists who are making similar music like you and contacting them will surely help you in boosting your SoundCloud plays for sure. Make sure you are finding 2-3 musicians who are not much popular but play the same kind of music you prefer.

networking with singers

Talk and connect with these musicians on social media and SoundCloud and follow all their latest posts. By doing this regularly, you are going to become visible to the artists you are following. As well as the people who are supporting those artists. You also can buy promotional service for your song to increase plays on SoundCloud from the reputable service providers available.

Use the Free Card

Another way to boost SoundCloud plays is to use the free card as you already know that everyone prefers giving importance to the free kinds of stuff. After listing free SoundCloud downloads for your music, there will be many people listening to your music, and your music will go viral all around the world. Make sure you are setting free downloads for your music as more people will prefer downloading your tracks for sure.

Use Facebook

facebook for music promotion

Yes, it is right to boost SoundCloud Plays with the help of Facebook. If you are having a lot of friends on Facebook, then you start your music page and tell your friends to join your music page. After doing this, you would get more popularity, and more people will enjoy listening to your music for sure. You can also take the help of Facebook advertising which is a faster and cheaper way of targeting the right people.


Consistency is always important to make your fans noticed about your music playlists. If you are not doing it consistently, then your followers will forget you after a few months, and it will be tough to retain your followers after that. Make sure you are creating and uploading your music regularly and keep your followers happy and entertain on SoundCloud. It is a helpful way to form a better relationship with your audiences and listeners worldwide.

Of late, there are many artists and musicians of SoundCloud who prefer buying SoundCloud Plays to increase their popularity worldwide. is the safest place to buy SoundCloud plays where you can also buy SoundCloud followers and comments. Let’s go through the pros and cons of buying SoundCloud plays right now.

Pros of Buying SoundCloud Plays

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Book More Shows

If you have a SoundCloud Track with more than 100,000 plays, then you would get the popularity outside the digital world. You are going to get more shows and Gigs on your name, and you are going to become a celebrity.

Boost Your Track’s Popularity

It is a great way to boost your track’s popularity so that you would have more listeners for your songs. You can quickly start from a few thousand and put things in gear rather than starting from zero plays.

Enhance Your Social Credibility

It helps in enhancing your social credibility. You need to understand that a boost can make your song look famous and will attract more listeners to listen to it.

Cons of Buying SoundCloud Plays

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Lazy Way

Yes, it is the laziest and shortcut way to get fame without doing any hard work from your side. It takes time to build a loyal and engaged fan following which you are not doing from your side.

Common Questions Asked By Most of the Artists And Musicians Regarding Buying SoundCloud Plays

Q: Should I Buy SoundCloud Plays?

It is your personal choice and depends on your overall requirements. If you want to be famous in a short time and do not have much patience, then you should buy SoundCloud plays and likes without any second thought.

Q: How to Buy SoundCloud Plays?

You might be thinking about how to buy plays on SoundCloud for gaining followers. You can buy SoundCloud plays by going through the mentioned services on the website. There are several different processes for different services, and you should be aware of it before proceeding further for sure.

Q: Where to Buy SoundCloud Plays?

For buying SoundCloud Plays, you can check out the, which is the safest place to buy SoundCloud plays for everyone.


Finally, you are aware of the helpful ways to boost your SoundCloud Plays to increase your fan following and fame all around the world. You can also buy SoundCloud plays from reputable service providers. Make sure you are going through their reviews and the nature of work before contacting them.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for it right now itself!