Download Songs From Spotify
posted by: admin | march 02, 2019

How to Download Music from Spotify Premium?

how to download music from spotify

We frequently hear one person telling the other person to listen to a song and there is a saying that goes – when someone asks you to listen to a song, it’s because the lyrics mean everything they are trying to say. Where words fail, music and the lyrics work. Music lovers will agree with this quote and probably be the ones to tell you that where words end, music and its lyrics will play a part and convey what you couldn’t say.

Almost everyone today listens to music, though everyone has their own genre to listen to and each one has their own favorites. This variety is the main reason that music-streaming apps are on the rise today.

There was a time when people would have to prepare a list of their favorite songs and get them recorded so that they could listen to them. However, there were also instances when some wouldn’t get the genre or the particular song that they would listen to and especially if its international music that they listen to.

Today this scenario has changed completely and every time of music can be streamed through an app on the phone or an app on your computers. However, not every app has music from different countries and not every app is compatible with every country. Along with this also comes the question of whether the same mobile app is compatible with the operating system of the laptop or desktop that you are using.


One such versatile app is – Spotify. The key feature about Spotify is that it has a database of over 30 million songs across 58 different countries. Also, the free version of the app is more authentic and dependable than all other music streaming apps that are available online. Additionally, the app is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and even Windows. This definitely makes it one of my favorites.

I so hate having to recreate the l=playlist all over again. This is the features of the free version, get the paid version and it allows you to download songs whether it is the phone or the computer, you can download your entire customized playlist and listen to the songs on either the mobile phone or the computer without the need of an internet connection. Isn’t that just great?

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Downloading Songs on the Mobile Phone Via Spotify

So now probably the question that would arise is how do we download music in Spotify, whether it is the mobile app or the computer app? So let's look at how this can be done. However, as mentioned earlier to be able to download songs and use Spotify in offline mode you need to get the Spotify Premium version or the Spotify paid version.

The paid version of Spotify is available at a low rate of £9.99 per month. However, the premium version of Spotify also comes with a 30-day free trial period, during which you can use the app before you start paying for it.

  1. The Spotify app is available in the play store for Android devices and in the app store for Apple devices.

  2. Once you have installed the app and acquired the premium or the paid version, the next step is ensuring that you have an active Internet connection through Wi-Fi. It’s important to note here that Spotify doesn’t allow you to down songs over cellular data. Hence it's important that you have access to Wi-Fi or you will need to make do with streaming.

  3. Further to use the app you will need to initially log in with your login details i.e., the email address, which you have used to register along with the password.

  4. Before you start downloading, you might want to create a playlist of all your favorite songs, which in turn would mean that you could download all the songs together. The other way is also where you can download the entire album, in case you like all the songs in that particular album. The playlists or the albums option is available in the middle of the page in case of Android devices and on the iPhone; it is available at the top of the page.

  5. In case you have multiple playlists, you might want to click on the playlist that you are looking at downloading or in the case of albums, select or click on the album that you want to download.

  6. Once you have clicked on the playlist or the album that you want to download, you will notice that all the songs that are present in the playlist or the album appear on the screen. Additionally, there is a “Download” button that is present on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Initially, the “Download” button would be greyed out. When you click it, the slider moves to the right and the icon turns green indicating that the songs are downloading on to the app on the mobile phone. Once the song has been downloaded, there would be a green downward facing arrow that would appear on the left-hand side of the song. This indicates that the song has been downloaded and is available for offline use.

  7. Now whenever your mobile phone is offline or not connected to the Internet, all you need to do is open the “Spotify” app, then go to the “Library” tab and then to the music that you want to listen to; tap the song and the song would start playing. The “Play” button would ideally appear on the right-hand side of the song.

Downloading Songs on Computer Via Spotify

In the case of computers, you will again need to have an active Internet connection and have the app installed depending on the OS that you are using on the system. In the case of computers, you will see “Available offline” toggle instead of the “Download” toggle that is available in the case of mobile devices.

When you click on the “Available Offline” toggle, Spotify would the songs in the associated playlists or the album and there would be a green downward facing arrow that would appear on the left side of the song, indicating that the song would be available even if there were no Internet connection.

The last thing that is important to remember is that downloading songs on the mobile or the computer requires space. Hence ensure that you have space, in case you are downloading multiple albums or even large and multiple playlists for that matter.