FB Video Views
posted by: admin | jan 24, 2019

How to Boost a Video Views on Facebook

Facebook Video Views

For a small business or any person who want to spread reach online video is perfect method. There are many online video platforms available on web, Most popular video network is youtube search engine but as it has large audience but it is really hard to get video popular. On other hand Facebook getting more strong in video as well we all have Facebook profile and people gets easily views on Facebook compare to any other network.

Want to Learn Easy Method to Make Attractive FB Video?

For all those want to boost views Increasing Facebook Video Views. An alarming fact is that nearly 4 million Facebook videos are watched daily. So the question is will it work for your audience. You need to get it right and with regards to it, content comes first. Without this, any video will not work, not matter if you Buy FB Video Views, as well. Some tips that can be followed in this regard are as follows.

  1. Create Attractive Video - Simply you have to think creative and unique because normally people like to watch interesting content in video. If you have unique video it will likely get more chance to view by people.
  2. Get Eye Catching Thumbnail - Before user clicks any video they see the thumbnail and if it’s not eye catching, Fewer chances of the user to click on it. So if you want to attract an audience just make the attractive thumbnail for your video.
  3. User Engagements - If user start engaging with your post or facebook video it will going to make your task easy and enhance your chances to get more views. Within video or in post text you can ask your viewers to comment or ask a question & you can ask them to tag their friends etc, using this step their friend also going to see your video.
  4. Add Multiple Friends - While you don’t have a large audience but you can have multiple Facebook friends more friends you have on it more chances of your video to get viral easily.

Some Other Steps to Gain FB Views

  • The Video Should Be Uploaded Directly to Facebook
    Facebook not only encourages but shows it, more people if you upload it directly. If you are planning to increase your video views this is the right place to start and also the instant way to increase facebook video views.
  • Initiate A Call to Action
    This is an important feature of Facebook. As soon as a video is over if you want more information on it you can click on it. It is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website directly.
  • Once the Video is Uploaded Edits the Title
    Once you upload a video, make it a point that you go on to click the edit button. The title of the video should be something that emerges in a search. In a way, it should be different from the description in which you have complete control of
  • A Link on Your Description to be Added
    Apart from making your description search friendly, you should go on to add a link to it. It is better to make this in an easy manner rather than asking the viewer to do it. You do not have to lose your sleep over adding a link.
  • The Posting Time is Crucial
    No way denying the fact that the posting time of the video is crucial. The simple fact is that if you are looking to generate a maximum amount of views, then post it when you see timing that your targeted audience stay online. At a certain point of time the views and the traffic would have died down, and then you can go on to re shared it on your fan page or your personal page as well.
  • You Can Embed the Video on Your Blog
    Trust me this amazing idea for sure and in the process will gain the attention of the clients. You can go on to incorporate your own YouTube on the personal blog. In this manner, cross traffic from the website will flow on to your page. In addition to this, it will go on to give your blog a multimedia posting that it is missing. And lead to gain more Facebook video viewers.
  • The Video Link Can Be Shared on Other Social Channels As Well
    Each and everything you do and share has a marketing angle behind it. It means that you should go on to share the link to the video across the internet. The more places that you put it, the better the chances of it gaining prominence. Same method applies with facebook live stream if you want to gain views on it.