Create Incredible Instagram Live
posted by: admin | oct 26, 2021

How To Create Incredible Instagram Live Videos: 6 Simple Tips

create incredible instagram live videos

Have you done Instagram Live yet? If yes, then that's great. Have you got the desired result doing the Live session? No? Well! Recent research shows around a 76% increase in the daily number of likes on Instagram ads due to quarantine. If you are a marketer or an influencer, you must reach your audience, and Instagram Live will let you do so.

However, specific ways will help you get effective results doing Live. It is the Instagram Story in a recorded form that is streamed in real-time. There are several reasons for doing a good Instagram Live. We have discussed that below. If you want to create a successful Live session, check out How To Create Incredible Instagram Live Videos: 6 Simple Tips.

Reason to Use Instagram Live

  • It will give you a good social media boost and will increase your brand visibility.
  • Instagram Live will send push notifications automatically to your followers.
  • Instagram Lives are easily discoverable and more engaging.
  • It will let you create a strong bonding with your viewers and will keep transparency.
  • This will let you show the face behind your business and will gain your viewers' reliability.
  • Doing Instagram Lives will give your organic engagement boosts due to the algorithm.

6 Simple Steps To Create Successful Instagram Live

steps for successful Instagram live

1. Be Authentic and Professional

The number one rule to make a successful Instagram Live is to be authentic and professional at the same time. What is meant by that? Instagram Live is not meant for reading video scripts and talking like a salesperson. And instead, people are here to see you as a genuine person.

Especially during these challenging times of social distancing, people look for authentic presenters to connect with quickly. You can always show your genuine emotion while on Live and communicate with your viewers like a friendly coworker.

Keep in mind that you should be personal in absolute terms but share your knowledge more authentically. You should stay genuine while you still maintain your professionalism.

These days if you live to go live, it will be easier for you if you buy instagram live viewers for stream. The price will be low, but it will help you to stand out from other streamers.

2. Stay Consistent with an Ongoing Series

Be it YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram lives, people always like to see their presenter consistent. Whether monthly, weekly, or daily, having consistency while coming with the Live series will surely excite your followers.

For example, if you are a beauty blogger, you can start with the "Current Beauty Trends" series, showing your viewers all the present makeup trends. Whatever idea you have for the series, you must ensure you provide knowledge to your viewers.

3. Take Time to Plan

steps for successful Instagram live

It might seem to you pretty tempting to come Live on Instagram and have some conversation with your followers and show them how excellent your business is. But, this might not go well and might not be the way you planned in your head. Yes! Instagram Live is more casual and not something pre-planned, but there should be some set goals.

It is very much essential for you to know your targets if you want success in social media. You must have a well-planned and scheduled format to meet your Instagram Live needs.

4. Promote your Live Sessions

Even if you are consistent or have the plans ready, you need to ensure your viewers know them. You must treat Instagram lives just like in-person events. All your followers must know what, when, where, why of your Insta live plan.

Marketing your live event on emails or other social media accounts can be a great way to target your audiences. You can create an email campaign and reach out to groups that share the same interest. Giving a little sneak peek of your Insta live will surely help you build a more audience base.

5. Have Fun with your Instagram Live Session

One of the most important things to remember is that Instagram Live is not about serious marketing for your business. It is a place where people come to have some fun and gain knowledge too. So, make sure you are having fun with your Instagram Live session.

If you are not having fun, remember that your viewers will be the first to the point. Try to shine through your personality, don't get anxious in case of a mistake, and make fun of yourself. You can always laugh at yourself, acknowledge it and move on. Your followers will surely appreciate the authenticity.

6. Engage with your Attendees

Instagram Live allows your attendees to comment in real-time, which is excellent. This can be exciting for attendees, but it should be overwhelming to the presenters like you. You aren't expected to engage with every comment, but you must try and reply to as many as possible.

It will allow you to connect with your followers. Giving your attendees real-time attention will surely make them feel unique and more connected to your product or brand. You can answer questions related to your content, or you might acknowledge a kind comment made by your viewers.

You can take the help of a coworker who will track down your comments and will reply on your behalf. Another great option is to do a Question and Answers right at the end of your live session. And if you are comfortable at doing so, it will help you stay connected to your audience.

Instagram is currently one of the most effective platforms to grow your brand. And Instagram Live will help you boost your marketing efforts. All the steps we have mentioned here are equally practical and will result if you follow them correctly. So follow them and let us know about your experiences!